Thursday, August 6, 2009

Warming up the Kitchen

So Kim and I are back to our honey do's. We have been thinking about painting our rooms to warm up the house a little bit. First we started in the most important room in the house, The bedroom of course. Well we wanted to spruce up the main living area so we decided to paint the kitchen. Kim and I are definitely getting bold and we went with the color Sly Fox. Now because all of you are painting experts I will just remind you that it is a red with a hint of brown in it.
It took us all of 3 hours or so. Kim worked on her artistic ability by doing all the trim while I did the rolling. Good times. What a transformation. Now it's starting to feel like home.
Kim doing her work while having an agelic glow. HA HA

What a difference!

Our Dog Just sat on her bed the entire night.

The night ended with a beautiful sunset.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Now I know what the 60s must have been like

About 2 months ago a bunch of my work buddies decided to get tickets to the ZZtop and Aerosmith Concert. They kept beggin me to go as it was going to be a good time and I would experience some amazing rock and roll. So I was told.

I decided to do it because well I had nothing better going on and well Kim was out of town so why not.

The Concert was on Saturday and I have to tell you it was not for my generation. I think I was a little out of my league as i saw all these 40 -50 year olds jamming out while they siped their wine coolers and even puffed a little "cigarette" that they held between their index finger and thumb. WEIRD!!! ZZtop was alright considering i knew only one of their songs. Aerosmith was cool but i was a little disapointed they didn't play the Armegedon song. I wanted to relive my college days crying while watching that movie in the BHT basement.

Anyway here are a couple videos from that night.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Welcome Back Ernie and Kim.

So yesterday when I was talking to Barb Jansen about the blog she told me that Bruce had updated their blog. I was totally shocked to see that they finally had posted something and kind of gave her some grief for not posting as often.-- Then I realized that I was totally being a hypocrite as Kim and I haven't posted anything in a while either. So here I am eating crow.

Kim and I have been really busy over the last couple of months as we recently got back from China on a Mission's trip. Man was the experience awesome. We both now have a new perspective on how big God is and he truly blessed our time over in China as we were able to minister to students about Christ through our English teaching. There was so many experiences that we had and so many stories to tell so if anyone is interested lets do lunch/ dinner and we will tell you all about it.

Below are just some fun videos of during our off time of teaching.