Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tebow time!

Our little Broncos Girl is in love with football, but like every woman on earth, she loves it more now that Tim Tebow is our quarterback! GO BRONCOS!

Ella loves her daddy...

This is one of my favorite pictures. One Saturday morning Ernie went out to mow the lawn. I was busy doing things around the house and came across Ella looking out the window. She was saying "Dada" "Dada"! I look outside and there is Ernie mowing away. So I quick snapped a picture. Look closely and you can see Ernie in the background. LOVE it... priceless moment!

We have a walker!

What has happened the last three months...

Good question... we have been VERY busy. Work has resumed for me. Goodbye summer... hello school year! I started the year off part-time and LOVED every minute of it. I worked from 7:30-11:30 every day. I felt like I got there and I then I was done. The transitions between Erin (my partner) and I were smooth and working well. AWESOME!

Ella too fell into part-time daycare easily and life wasn't as hectic and chaotic as a full-time teacher was. My teaching partner was due the beginning of October so we all had a little time to easy and adjust into this new routine. BUT God seems to have other plans that don't really involve our input. Erin had her baby (Jada Maxine) a whole five weeks early! This was nerve-racking for us all but baby Jada was a healthy 6pds 2oz. No problems at all. This wonderful, incredible news was followed by crying on my part because selfishly I didn't want to go full time. It took me about a week to adjust to being a full-time teacher again, but after that things fell right into place.

It has been hard for Ella on the other hand. She does well at daycare, but is SO tired and crabby by the time she comes home it is exhausting for us all. Once we can do the afternoons together I know that things will get a lot easier. We are very appreciative to Jocelyn Swalley for watching our sweet baby Ella. She is so happy and loved with Jocelyn. We are excited to see Auntie Lo-lo though in a couple of months. We miss Leelee a lot too.

Other than work being crazy, but good... Ernie has been working his booty off at work and putting in tons of hours. He was traveling a lot (right around the time I went back full time) Again... God's plans are a lot different than what I would have chosen, but we managed. Daddy is handling things with ease. ONly mama gets stressed.

We have helped Auntie Mana move into her very first apartment, we have been busy with bible study and weddings. We have many babies on the way so we are celebrating many showers and just plugging along with life.

Enjoy some pictures of our sweet baby Ella these last few months. She is quite the talker and has a BIG personality. She doesn't make much sense when she talks but she is sure telling you a story. We have started to pick up on a few things like: "this Ella's?" She asks this a lot. She can say "all done", "uh oh!" and of course the standard mom, dad and Mylie. She has her own language and you can usually see what she is talking about.

Another thing that she loves to do lately is color. She scribbles with my colored pencils all the time and loves to tell me what she has drawn. We have found that she THRIVES on praise and gets frustrated easily when she can't do something. Remind you of anyone.... ERNIE!

This is Ella's favorite new spot... the fireplace. She loves to climb all over it, sit on it, and I have even caught her standing on it. Crazy little daredevil. (sorry it is sideways but I couldn't get it to change)

Wedding fun!

This past weekend Ernie and I attended our good friend's (DJ Van Eps) wedding. It was a wonderful evening out filled with fun memories with all our good friends. We wish the new Van Eps family all the joy and happiness in the world. Marriage is a blessing and exciting ride. We didn't get that many pictures because we were too busy chatting and dancing, but the ones we did are priceless... especially the pregers and Phill. He was very proud to be in the picture with so many wonderful pregnant women. Thanks friends for a great evening out! When's the next party... Phill????