Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween "Spook-tacular"!!

This years Halloween was amazing in all ways possible. I probably enjoyed it more than Ella did! When people say that "seeing things through your child's eyes is amazing", I really didn't believe them or fully understand what that meant until this year! Enjoy our Halloween adventure!

Our adventure started a couple of weeks ago when Grandma Krauth sent Ella a Halloween costume in the mail. Much to our surprise and happiness Grandma sent a tiger costume. Eager and excited, I proceeded to put on Ella's tiger costume. Needless to say... it did not go over too well. Ella cried and thrashed around and threw the biggest fit. I took it off and figured she was having a grumpy day so I would try again some other day.

I tried again... and to no avail she did not like having the costume on. She particularly did not like the hood or the mitten paws. However, despite the grumpiness, I did manage some pictures and a fun video. Hopefully next year she will be ready for the hood and mitten paws. Sorry Grandma!

I did not want to fight with her all Halloween to keep something on that she did not like so Ernie and I went in search of a costume that wouldn't go over her head or her hands and something that would be like normal clothing. First, we went to Party City and after a half our of standing in front of the kiddie costumes, and a frustrated husband because his indesisive wife couldn't make up her mind, we left.

We remembered that there was costume store right in our neighborhood. This is a great, family owned halloween store, filled with costumes for all ages. Thank you Aurora!!! Finally.... Success!! She would be a ladybug. :) And a darn cute one if I may add. The costume came with antennaes but those had a hard time staying on too, so mama improvised and made her own. Thank you short hair!

This year we got Ernie's family together and my family and we headed over to Ernie's mom's house for some halloween fun. Before we went over there we needed to stop by our neighbors house to say hello. We absolutely love our neighbors and they absolutely adore Ella so we needed to stop in to say "Happy Halloween!" Our little bug couldn't sit still and would rather collect rocks than get her picture taken.

We went trick-or-treating with cousin Lia. Cousin Lia was the cutest, most skeptical Elephant in town. She really did not know what to think of her costume, but it made for some great pictures and fun laughs. She was priceless and precious all at the same time!

Ella did great trick-or-treating. We probably should have worked on saying "trick-or-treat" and "thank you" before going. Ella did great at walking up to each house with mom or dad and she proceeded to take handfuls of candy. (We're going to have to work on her manners for next year) She was never scared and really enjoyed the wagon ride to each house. She also enjoyed sucking on a sucker at the end. We will save the rest of the candy "love" for next year.

After trick-or-treating we headed back to the house for some chili and cornbread and family time! Delicious! A perfect way to spend our halloween; with all our family together and a hot bowl of chili. What a great fun evening! Halloween never looked so good and I look forward to celebrating next year.

Happy Halloween from Ella Jean!