Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The joy's of Winning is Crushed by the Losing

So Kim and I ventured to Vegas this last weekend. Remember the hugh that I was on after winning my Bracket. Well that was quickly dashed the minute we walked into the New york New York. My first $20 gone. That stupid slot, it said on the slot that it was Party America although I wasn't having a party by just giving the machine $20.

We later walked up the Strip (which is an incredibly long walk) the scale in Vegas is totally different from how I pictured it. Kim did great by walking about 34 miles the entire weekend but she is definitely a trooper. I ended up winning some on the first day because the Rockies won on opening day and we played roulette and ended up doubling my money at the Casino Royale.

Other than buying fake club tickets, Walking out of a restaurant after looking at the menu prices, all the smoke, and the naughty pictures all over the place...Vegas is actually a pretty cool place. It's an experience and I'm glad we took the experience. Oh and I made all my money back on the alst day on the Rockies and betting against the Lakers. LOVE IT. Now I just need the Broncos to win my 35:1 bet and I'll be what Vegas calls a WHALE.
Below are a couple of pictures of the memories and being with all our best friends was definitely a treat for us to have before baby comes.