Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rice Cereal: Take one!

I have come to the conclusion that the little things, in the life of a parent, bring major excitement.

For example:
My daughter rolls over for the first time: EXCITEMENT!
Did you hear that burp?: EXCITEMENT!
Did you see the color of her poop?: EXCITEMENT!
Was that a smile or just gas?: EXCITEMENT!
WOW she slept through the night... oh, wait... haven't experienced that one yet, but I only can imagine that would bring MAJOR EXCITEMENT!

All these things while minor, are HUGE to a new parent. When we get to experience something new with our first child it brings such joy and excitement to our lives. Over the last four months, Ernie and I have experienced a lot of "first" with our daughter. Everyone being more exciting than the last.

Last night we had another first. We got to experience rice cereal for the first time. Now to the people who don't get it, I pray one day you will, because trying something new with your child for the first time is EXCITING. Rice cereal was a new adventure that we were eager to undertake. Our experience was interesting and fun to watch. We ended up with rice cereal everywhere but in our mouth. BUT we hope this is the case with all new time rice cereal eaters. Not a total success, but close enough.

Tonights experience was better. I stripped her down to the diaper, tried my hardest to get it in her mouth while maneuvering around flailing hands and feet, and tried not to get it up her nose this time. We finished the whole bowl of rice cereal and immediately headed to the bath for a wash and a good scrub down. SUCCESS! I am EXCITED to try again tomorrow night.

We will NEVER tire of watching Ella try something new for the first time. It brings so much EXCITEMENT to our lives.

Monday, September 27, 2010

A declaration and a day to remember!

Yesterday was an important and special day in the Krauth household. Ella doesn’t realize it yet, but September 26, 2010 will be known as one of the most important days of her life. Yesterday was Ella’s Dedication. We stood in front of God, family, friends, and the church to proclaim that we would do everything we can to raise our child in the ways of Christ. We actually made this decision the day Ella was born, but wanted to tell it to everyone yesterday. We know that as a couple this is a hard thing to do. We need the support of all to help us with this tough job because we are sinners and can’t do it on our own.

Here is our letter to our little Ella Jean:

Ella Jean,

Daddy and I love you so much! We love you so much that we have chosen to raise you in the knowledge and in the power of Christ. We want you to grow up knowing how much Christ loves you and also for you to know that a life without Christ as the center is a life full of nothing. We promise to pray for you daily, help you understand His word, and be good examples of Christ. We want you to one day choose to follow Christ on your own and proclaim that to all. We look forward to that day when you will stand before Christ and his Church to declare how much you love Him and that you are a sinner and are in need of his grace and love. Until then and even after then, we promise to show you the love of Christ and help guide you in His ways!

Happy Dedication Day, Ella Jean!

We can't forget about Heater too! It was an even more special day because we got to share in it with the Jansens. Mark and Abby, we promise to stand by you and help you guide Heath in the ways of Christ too. We promise to love him and support him in all decisions. We will walk by you both as we raise our Children together to love the Lord! Happy Dedication Day, Heater! We love you so much and we're glad we got to share in this special day with you!