Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Good bye 10 months... Hello 11 months!

As I sit at home today with a sick kiddo, getting things accomplished and done around the house, I just stopped and noticed the date. April 27th! Although this has no significant meaning to us, it does hold some small meaning. Our little lady has been with us for 11 months and has one more month until she is 1. Hard to believe where the time has gone. I know this will not be the last time I say that!

Our easy going lady is still not crawling and has no wanting to pull herself up to try walk. Although these are milestones we look forward to her accomplishing, she still amazes us daily with her ever growing knowledge of the things around her. Ella is really starting to understand things like "no" (even though she doesn't always obey it). She loves to give me things when I ask. She loves repeating things after we say them. The other day I said, "oh nuts!" and Ella repeated, in her baby language,what sounded like "oh nuts." Ernie and I both just laughed. She is starting to play with her toys and talk to them and laugh at them. The other day she was playing with her toys and kept repeating; "I, I, I, I, I". I think she was saying "hi".

I visited the doctor yesterday and we found out that she has her first ear infection. I am grateful we have gone this long without being sick. It is hard for a mama to see their little ones sick. I hate it. Ernie has been traveling this week so I have done it all on my own. We miss daddy and we look forward to having him home too! The doctor also said that Ella is cutting FOUR teeth on top! Poor baby! We look forward to those coming in soon! We haven't had a new tooth since the end of January and I am sure Ella looks forward to a little relief! (until she gets more)

We have had some play time outside lately too when the weather has been nice. Ella hates her feet touching the grass. See the picture below of how she sits in the grass! She'll have great abs if she continues doing this. While we were playing outside the other day too, Ella proceeded to pick up grass, look at it, and gag. The grass didn't even go in her mouth. I just laughed at her. She did the same thing on Easter with the colored grass in her Easter basket. What a strange child!

We love Ella so much and can't believe that in a few short weeks will be celebrating her first birthday! Happy 11 months Ella Jean! Enjoy some 10 month pictures!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

He has Risen!

Easter is one of my favorite holidays for many reasons. I find it even hard to sleep the night before because I am excited to celebrate. Here are the reasons why I am so excited:

1. Knowing that we don't have to die a sinners death because our Savior has done if for us. Pretty stinkin' amazing and wonderful!

2. Family

3. Easter baskets with fun goodies

4. Good food! These are Chocolate chick cupcakes that I made. Thanks Martha Stewart!

5. Getting all dressed up in our new Easter outfits

6. Fun cousin moments

Happy Easter from the Krauths