Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve

So this was Kim and Ernie's first Christmas together as a married couple. Last year I introduced Kim to the wild family tradition of Fondue and crazy Christmas time with the Krauth family. So this was the second time we have experienced this together. The night started out going to church with the Findells and the Mackenzie's and Krauth family. Then we indulged ourselves with lots of food then great times opening presents. Of course my mom went overboard again but there are some good pictures. Enjoy the video of Christmas Eve 2008.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Christmas

I am at work today where there is hardly anyone here but I am here because I have taken all the vacation that i have for this year due to the Honey moon and other trips this Year. I can't really complain thoughas it should be an easy couple of days here at work. And realistically I might be able to get some work done without being interupted by all the meetings and such.

So today I am extremely busy catching up on all my blogging buddies and reading their posts. My favorite thus far is reading about Payton falling off the back of the stage. Poor girl. Also I love the random video of Mark and Rick (let's say getting jiggy with it). ha ha

Well because everyone is posting christmas pictures this season here are a couple of christmas photos from the parade of lights that we went to at the begining of december. Since then it's been Christmas Party after Chrsitmas Party after Christmas Party and throw a couple of Broncos loses in the middle of it and we all are having a very merry christmas here.

I can't wait for the day of our Saviors birth just for a little relaxation.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Oh the Adventures of Thanksgiving

So Kim and I have finally had a chance to rest after quite a weekend at my dad's house. We left for New Castle (A little town about 9 miles west of Glenwood Springs) on Wednesday. All was great when we got up there as i was looking forward to a weekend of fun, football, food, and relaxation. Well let the fun begin. On thursday morning we awoke to Mylie getting sick all over her crate, Yes she threw up and pooped all over her blankets as she was still battling some sickness from eating the multch outside in our backyard. We spent the morning cleaning that up. Ok no big deal right, so our dog is sick at least she was having fun with the other pups (Biscut and Honey Bear). So Thanksgiving was off to a rough start, then we watched football and ate some awesome food and then we went to bed after a day full of football and food.

Friday morning we found out that Mary (my step mom) was up all night throwing up. Hopefully mylie didn't give her the flu. Then Erik (My brother) was sick all day. Then friday night Kim got sick right as my other brothers and sisters got there. She ended up going to bed at 7:00 pm right after dinner only to be kept awake by a rabid game of Uno. Stupid wood floors.

Well Just when we thought that the weekend had past we decided to leave on Saturday early. At 1:00 pm we would be at home around 4:00 pm. WRONG AGAIN. We got stuck in the wonderful traffic of 1-70. It only took us 2 hours to get from silverthorn to the Tunnel. Yep we didn't get home until 7:30 pm. A 6 hour and 30 minute drive from Glenwood Springs. LAME I'm all for an I-70 toll.

Well at least we had a chance to be with family and deocrate our house on Sunday. Tis The Season and to all a good Night. (hopefully not full of throw up. I've had my share the last couple days)

Enjoy some picts

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kim and My Baby

While everyone is posting new things about their kids i got jealous. NO kim and I are not having kids soon. But we do have Mylie and she is so CUTE in everything she does..

Just chillin in my new lawn in the Backyard.

She's Gonna get you!!!

Below is a video of her sweet tricks at only 5 months. Don't worry about my outfit. This was after our murder mystery party and I was still dawning the outfit.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Backstreet Back... Alright

So I'm sitting in Michigan getting ready to watch the world series when all of a sudden I hear from the TV "Now to sing our National Athem .... The Backstreet boys!"

How ironic? That the place where I am right now (Michigan) is where I would be reminded about all the good times that I had in College during the Boy Band Crazy. It was at Calvin where me, Mark, and some very select people had kind of man crushes on the Backstreet Boys. I can't explain it but maybe it was the dream that we could be considered the hot boys who could sing and have ladies all over us, maybe it was the hot dance moves that we all tried to learn, maybe it was the style we all tried to imitate, but one thing is for sure It definitely was good times.

Another funny thing is that one of my friends who knew me best in College e-mailed me the good news that she just won tickets to the Backstreet boys concert in Los Angeles.

I am reminded of the 2 concerts that I went to during my college years as I sit in a hotel room just down 28th street next to Calvin laughing and remembering the good ol days when Boy Bands and Britney (Pre breakdown) ruled the media world. Now its ruled by young and old politicians, Celebrities in and out of rehab, Sports stars retiring then not, and Colorado Sports aren't any good anymore.

So in conclusion "Bring back the Backstreet Boys."

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Did Someone Say Murder?

Last night Bonny Lass and Otto Van Schnapps participated in a Murder Mystery Party with all of our friends. The setting was in Napa Valley at the Underwood Wine Estates. Let's just say the wine was a flowing, the food was amazing, and the good times were had. Leave it to Papa Vito to be the main culprit. Below is a video of all the crazy characters. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I've Finally Caved Into the Bloggin World. Now's it time to Catch up

Over the last 6 months I have been told. You and Kim need to Start a Blog, Well here I am, Its official. So as i sit at work not wanting to complete all the things on my checklist.. I have decided to post my first blog. Kim and I will start getting used to this as the days come up but here are some recent pictures of happenings in our life.
First in case you didnt' know Kim and I are newly Married

Second We have a new house ( the back yard is updated i just need to post it)

Third we have a new puppy

More fun to come very soon as we have a lot going on in the month of October and we might as well start telling our stories.