Friday, January 1, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!!

This is my first blog ever, (Kim... I know... pretty sad), so there are a couple of things I am learning. For example... all the pictures are in backwards order. The ones at the bottom should be at the top and and ones at the top should be at the bottom. So, when viewing, start at the bottom. I will learn because Ernie says "I need to do my own blogging from here on out." I don't really believe this, but I am willing to branch out and learn a little. I tried to blog one time but it only ended in tears and disaster. So, here is my second, hopefully better, attempt.

The stockings, tree, and all Christmas decorations were put away today. I am kind of sad to see the holiday season go. It always seems that there is so much expectation and excitement and then it always goes by too fast.

Our Christmas was filled with lots of family; which is how every Christmas should be celebrated! We always do Christmas Eve at Ernie's mom's house, spend Christmas morning with each other, and end it at my parents. Lots of family in a short amount of time, but wonderful!

Every year we always go away with my family for a short vacation. We stay in an Embassy Suits hotel, drink, play games, see a movie, and hang out together. This year we decided to switch it up and head up to Loveland instead of our traditional Colorado Springs.

We enjoyed our time very much. We started our time off by going to the New Belgium Brewery for a tour. Everyone, minus pregers, got to sample many kinds of beer. Our tour guide was fun and entertaining. The best part was the slide we got to slide down. It actually kind of hurt, but was entertaining to see my parents do it. Thank you Beer! During the weekend, we saw Avatar, which is good, but WAY too long, played lots of games of Settlers, and watched the Broncos play! It was a nice way to end our Christmas.

That was our Christmas... Fun had by all! Now back to the "normal" life... sigh!