Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Look what I can do!

Ella has become a spitfire, loving 19 month old. Can I use spitfire and loving in the same sentence to describe one person? I think she takes after Ernie in SO many ways. She is ambitious, scared of NOTHING, completely stubborn, personable, curious, a klepto, and laughs at everything. Her words have been explosive in the last month and I think she may be ready to start running because she is always in such a hurry to try the next new thing and always needs to get there as fast as she can.

Hopefully these pictures can show you some of her fun-loving, spitfire personality.

Loves to read:

Loves to play outside:

Loves her cousin Lia and screaming:

Loves to swim:

Loves to sort, collect, and organize (wonder who she gets that from??!!)

Loves all animals (horses and dogs being her favorite):

Loves to draw and color:

Loves to help (especially when it comes to throwing things away. We have lost a lot of things because of that trashcan):

Loves spoons and eating cereal. She is getting so good at using her spoon. Love this picture:

And... we are not so proud of this one, but loves to put her finger in her nose. It hasn't found its way to her mouth yet... so we will cross that bridge when we get there.

We love you Ella Jean and all the awesome things you are learning how to do!