Sunday, May 23, 2010

Well Since everyone else posted a blog this weekend

Just trying to kill some time before the big Lost finale and I noticed that all the Jansen/Syers decided to post their weekend life on their blog. And since I pretty much do everything the Jansen/Syers Families do I will post what we did this weekend.

Here's what we did this weekend.

1. Went to America's on friday and got the Denver Hot wings.
2. Then went to Iron Man 2 with Kim and Her sister. (Nothing like sitting in an uncomfortable position for 2 hours to kick start labor)
3. Got up and because Kim won't do her Mary Katherine Lunges I convinced her to do some landscaping with me. (Making kim plant is just as good as squats I guess)
4. Went to Church Prayed that baby would come. Didn't work
5. Mowed the lawn, weeded, put some seed down.
6. Kim went shopping with her mom to get out of the house. Saw lots of cool sales.
7. Anticipating LOST series finale.

Here is What we Didn't do this weekend.

1.HAVE A BABY!!! COME ON!! I'm about to resort to slipping some Castor Oil into Kim's prenatals. ha ha ha

Any way Enjoy the picture of our newly lanscaped bed. One bed down 2 to go.