Friday, March 16, 2012

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens... these are a few of my favorite things

All my blogs are about Ella... besides for God and my wonderful husband, she is the most important thing in my life. She is my pride and joy, as of right now, and no that is not a segway into my declaring a pregnancy. :) So I guess it is my blog and I will brag if I want too.

Ella makes Ernie and I smile constantly. The things she says and does leave us rolling on the floor at times. We don't know where she comes up with half of this stuff. Ernie likes to consider himself "hilarious" and maybe Ella has picked up that same "hilarious" ego.

For example, we are riding in the car. Ernie is driving, I am sitting in my rightful place next to him and our charming little Ella Jean is in the back in her carseat. We pull up to a red stoplight and are waiting patiently when we hear from the back seat, "GO!" at an extremely loud decibel. We both look at her in dismay and Ernie turns to me and says, "Look what you have taught our daughter!" Typical man reaction and maybe somewhat true woman reaction.

I like to brag that I know my daughters love language at the age of 21 months. My daughter loves to serve. Another thing I think she has picked up from Ernie (he would do anything for anyone). She loves to help with everything! She loves to throw her trash away. She loves to use the dustbuster (and who wouldn't?!... I might add). She loves to sweep and help you organize the cabinets. Not sure if it is all service or just quality time, either way it is such a blessing and I prayerfully ask God to enrich her servants heart to do wonderful things in the world one day.

I also like to say she would make a good greeter at Walmart. Doesn't matter where I go, she is eagerly saying hello or goodbye to EVERYONE. She loves to interact with people and is not shy at all.

Also, I have learned not to say, "Ella let's go" because she will kick and scream and have the biggest tantrum you will ever see, but if you say, "Ella say bye bye to the park" she will, with enthusiasm, say "Bye bye park" and be on her way. Go figure... who knew it was that easy. We don't say, "Ella time to get out of the bathtub" because a tantrum will be thrown, we say, "Ella say bye bye to the bubbles". "Bye bye bubbles". Works every time.

We have spent a lot of time with our friends lately and all of them have boys. Ella is the only girl. I used to think she wasn't so girlie girlie but after being around those rough and tumble boys, she is ALL girl. She kind of mothers them :( not sure if that is good or bad and she always makes sure they have their paci. Maybe that is because she lacks her own. She is also into everything baby. We hear a a baby cry and her ears perk up. She sees a baby and she is right over next to it trying to do something to it. She is constantly pushing her baby around in the stroller and the other day I found her feeding her baby a bottle. (see picture below) So yes, even though my daughter loves to get dirty and kick soccer balls, she definitely is all girl.

ANYWAY... I love my little girl. Her laugh, her smile, the "bless you!" after people sneeze. The way she can say her colors and sing "Twinkle, Twinkle", the "ABCs", and the "backpack, backpack" from Dora the Explorer. She fills our lives with so much and deeply enriches it in every way.

(and yes there are many naughty things too... like her horrible sharing skills, the tantrums in public places, and the hitting) but somehow we overlook these minor things and only hope and pray those will get better in time with consistency and much prayer :)

Not many people read this, but those ones who do I know love my daughter just as much as I do, so I thank you for loving every little piece of her.

Here are some photos of what she has been up to lately: