Sunday, February 21, 2010

Engineering of the Greatest Kind

Forget all the Chinese Engineers and all the Engineers that build amazing structures all over the world. I'm convinced that the greatest engineers work for Graco baby accessories.

Last night Kim and I had our first baby shower and the Highlands Ranch staff was so good to us. They got us our play swing and our pack and play. Yes I know.... They are so generous!!!

So Kim and I figured it would be a 5 minute ordeal to put these things together but I have to tell you that between the 1st grade drawings of the instructions, the mislabeled pieces, and all the plastic fasteners we finally got the swing together in a record time of 49 minutes. (Chalk one up for me being dumber than a newborn child. I would suck at that 5th grader gameshow.)

Luckily the Pack and Play is the best single invention ever. Again credit to the Graco Engineers. Heck it only took us 10 minutes to get this together. Probably because there is no assembly required. You just snap and push and BAM You have a Pack and Play (Sorry for the horrible Emeril impression there) Hopefully the Birth is as easy as a snap and push. HA HA HA (see evidence below)