Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Backstreet Back... Alright

So I'm sitting in Michigan getting ready to watch the world series when all of a sudden I hear from the TV "Now to sing our National Athem .... The Backstreet boys!"

How ironic? That the place where I am right now (Michigan) is where I would be reminded about all the good times that I had in College during the Boy Band Crazy. It was at Calvin where me, Mark, and some very select people had kind of man crushes on the Backstreet Boys. I can't explain it but maybe it was the dream that we could be considered the hot boys who could sing and have ladies all over us, maybe it was the hot dance moves that we all tried to learn, maybe it was the style we all tried to imitate, but one thing is for sure It definitely was good times.

Another funny thing is that one of my friends who knew me best in College e-mailed me the good news that she just won tickets to the Backstreet boys concert in Los Angeles.

I am reminded of the 2 concerts that I went to during my college years as I sit in a hotel room just down 28th street next to Calvin laughing and remembering the good ol days when Boy Bands and Britney (Pre breakdown) ruled the media world. Now its ruled by young and old politicians, Celebrities in and out of rehab, Sports stars retiring then not, and Colorado Sports aren't any good anymore.

So in conclusion "Bring back the Backstreet Boys."