Monday, March 22, 2010

This March Weather Is Madness!

So what is up with the weather. 72 last wednesday. 30 on friday. 64 on Sunday. Tomorrow back in the 30s and snow! Here's to Colorado! The most schyzophrenic state on the planet.

Any way for all you Rock Chalk Jayhawk fans maybe you can go golfing this Saturday considering there is nothing else going on for you. Who knew! I guess that's what happens when Obama Picks you to win the championship. Yep out in the second round. Makes me wonder how this Health care thing is going to work out.

Anyway Kim and I had our own madness this last week as we entertained our cousin from Minnesota. It was a great week of watching Basketball, Watching "She's out of My League", Golfing, and a Nuggets game, Oh yeah Then we got some more stuff for the Nursery. MADNESS I TELL YOU!!!! BYUA HA HA HA (que Dr. Evil)

Btw... "She's out of my League" is one of the funniest movies I've seen in a while. Highly recommend it.

Enjoy the pictures of OUR March Madness. Now we just are waiting for the April and May Madness.

Oh the winds of change are amoung us...

Matt makes Denver Unique

Not the most flattering picture but Kim's wearing Nuggets gear. Its a once in a lifetime she gets to watch a game with me (ha ha)

Our Nursery project. Hopefully we can find some pictures to hang by May.

Why yes... Those are Swedish Models on the cover of the Baby Bjorn.. Thanks for asking.