Wednesday, October 27, 2010

5 Months today

Ella turned 5 months today. She is doing great and Kim and I are such proud parents. Every day she is sitting up better, eating more, smiling more, tracking more, and loving more. Maybe one day she will sleep through the night more. ha ha

Here is a video of the past 5 months.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mr Mom

So now I know why Kim never blogs. Over the last 3 weeks I have had the absolute pleasure of staying home with Ella playing Mr. Mom while Kim goes to work and feeds me. She simply doesn't have time after days like this.

I start my mornings with a nice feeding around 7:30 am (Don't worry peeps I'm using a bottle only to protect my nipples). At about 9:00 am Ella goes down for an hour and a half nap. It is only during this time that I can get things done and let me tell you I have a lot to do during the days. Nope I'm not applying for jobs or networking (who has time for that). I have laundry, dinner, grocery shopping, picking up the toys, organizing the closets, baking some cookies, planning what's for dinner, letting the dog out, raking the leaves, etc, etc, etc...

At about 10:30 Ella gets up for another feeding and then we play under the activity gym for about an hour. She loves this rattle thing and I get to enjoy the majestic sounds of "All around the mulberry bush" (sorry pop culture you and I are taking a break while I belt out the theme to Little Einsteins). On another note that baby einstein is genius. I could watch that for hours it's some hypnotic trick to get dads to forget that they have a life. Seriously, Ella gets bored with it before I do (says a lot for my intelligence level).

Ella is then up and we laugh and play until abut 1:00pm and then Daddy realizes that he forgot about the laundry and needs to switch it over. What is that noise that keeps coming up? Oh yeah Daddy's stomach hasn't been fed all day. I guess I better get something to eat. Whoops never mind gotta go change a poppy diaper. Not hungry anymore.

What!? its already time for nap number two? Sweet now daddy can get all the chores done before Mommy comes home. Ok it's 2:00pm and Ella is down and Daddy finally starts looking for jobs. I apply to a couple of jobs, write a couple of e-mails and i'm cruising. Maybe now I can eat? Nope just kidding my baby beeper is telling me that Ella is up and ready to play. DON"T forget tummy time Ernie... Oh yeah let's play on the tummy Ella. Good Girl.... I'm so proud that you can raise your head and look at me now. What is Mylie doing? (Does anyone else find it weird that you end up asking stupid questions to your kids?) Mylie is just sitting there. It's nothing spectacular yet I want Ella to appease me with a smile and maybe a smart allec remark.

So now we sit and wait........ Is that the garage door? Sure is!!! MOMMY'S HOME!!!!!!

Kim asks , "So we working out today?"

Are you kidding? Do you realize what I just went through and what my day was like?

She looks at me with this glare of "Don't even start with me....." so I don't :)

Oh gotta go, I'm about due to get puked on this morning so I'll leave you with this. I LOVE my daughter, my wife, and this time where I get to stay home. Praise be to God and I wouldn't want it any other way!