Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve

So this was Kim and Ernie's first Christmas together as a married couple. Last year I introduced Kim to the wild family tradition of Fondue and crazy Christmas time with the Krauth family. So this was the second time we have experienced this together. The night started out going to church with the Findells and the Mackenzie's and Krauth family. Then we indulged ourselves with lots of food then great times opening presents. Of course my mom went overboard again but there are some good pictures. Enjoy the video of Christmas Eve 2008.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Christmas

I am at work today where there is hardly anyone here but I am here because I have taken all the vacation that i have for this year due to the Honey moon and other trips this Year. I can't really complain thoughas it should be an easy couple of days here at work. And realistically I might be able to get some work done without being interupted by all the meetings and such.

So today I am extremely busy catching up on all my blogging buddies and reading their posts. My favorite thus far is reading about Payton falling off the back of the stage. Poor girl. Also I love the random video of Mark and Rick (let's say getting jiggy with it). ha ha

Well because everyone is posting christmas pictures this season here are a couple of christmas photos from the parade of lights that we went to at the begining of december. Since then it's been Christmas Party after Chrsitmas Party after Christmas Party and throw a couple of Broncos loses in the middle of it and we all are having a very merry christmas here.

I can't wait for the day of our Saviors birth just for a little relaxation.