Sunday, September 19, 2010

Are you ready for some football?

Anyone who knows Ernie knows that nothing really compares to football in the fall. His draft day for fantasy football, preseason and finally opening day are the most wonderful days of his life. (even compared to his daughters birth or his wedding) ERNIE LOVES FOOTBALL!

He doesn't have a boy to share in his football love yet, but that doesn't stop Ernie. About a month ago Ernie brought home a receipt for three broncos onesies for Ella. She wares them religiously every time the Broncos play. Ella seems to have taken a liking to football as well because any time ANY football is on she contently watches. Yesterday, I caught Ernie and Ella watching the Air Force game and Ernie swore she started crying when they lost. “Oh dear!” I said to myself. Now I will have two criers anytime our favorite football team loses.

I look forward to watching Ella’s love for football grow and watching Ella and Ernie bond over something that Ernie cherishes.