Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Time Blocks for Delivery

So this morning I am working from home only because we decided to get a new bed. Well of course what that means for everyone that doesn't have a semi moving truck it means that we needed to schedule a Delivery for the furniture. This is my favorite time. Just waiting at home not knowing when they will show up. Oh don't worry though. Yesterday I received an upbeat call from a gentleman from the distribution center.

"Ernie, How are you today? I am just calling to give you the delivery window for your new bed"

Great i replied when do i need to be home?

"They will be there exactly between 8:30 am -- 12:30 am"

What I found pecular was the word EXACTLY. Doesn't this word give definition to a more exact time? What does exactly mean if retail starts using it in delivery.

So I am thinking that this terminology can be a benifit for all people.

Think of this,
If you don't want to display your age to someone just say "I'm exactly the age of 25-60"

or when its tax time and they need your salary say "I make exactly $10000-$150000" That way the goverment has to figure it out. wouldn't that be nice for a change.

So next time when delivery comes calling and they give you the EXACT time of when they are going to be there just know that this probably means that they will show up exactly between January 1 - and December 31.

Gotta love Exact delivery windows.