Thursday, July 28, 2011

Stairs, stairs and more stairs....

Ella is getting very good at using her strong legs lately. I think she finally realizes that they are there and that they actually do something. Ella has mastered stairs, which once again isn't the biggest thing ever, but for our little lady... IT IS HUGE! These are not just any stairs too... they are the stairs at grandma and grandpa's house and they seem to go on forever. She did them all! Wait to go Ella Jean. One "Step" closer to your first step!

The best Uncle Award goes to...

...Uncle Erik!

Ella is blessed with MANY great uncles, but none are as quite as special as Ella's Uncle Erik. He takes very good care of her, makes her laugh, and just loves being with her! Thank you Uncle Erik for being special and wonderful to your niece! She loves you VERY much!

Golf, a hike, and a pig (or two)

This past weekend we spent our time in beautiful New Castle, Colorado. I love going to the ranch for many reasons. I love visiting with Ernie's family, relaxing, eating great food, and taking in the beautiful, peaceful surroundings. Our weekend was packed full of many different things. On Saturday, we started off our morning watching Erik with his 4H pigs. He has two of them; Pumpkin and Oreo. Both pigs are HUGE and VERY stubborn.

I learned a lot about 4H while being around Erik. He is going to show his pigs next week at the county fair. Erik washes, feeds, and walks his pigs every morning and evening. A LOT of work but he is very dedicated. He rubs them down with lotion, but he doesn't speak softly. Oh NO... you can't speak softly to a pig. You have to yell at them and hit them with a stick. Remember, PIGS ARE STUBBORN! It was a fun experience and I am so glad I was able to watch Erik with his pigs. Pumpkin and Oreo will not live forever like Wilbur, however. They need a little spider to help fight for their lives. Their fate is sealed and they will be bid on at the fair and sold for all their 280 pound goodness. The Krauths will not be eating Pumpkin or Oreo. They will bid on a pig they do not know. You kind of become attached to those stubborn fellas. I tried to help Erik walk his pigs, but he takes his job very seriously and I just got in the way.

We saw some cows too that will be sold at the fair. We are still curious on how they judge all these animals. We need to brush up on our 4H rules.

That same day we also took in a horse show at the fair, swam, and golfed. I failed to get pictures during these activities, but they were still highlights of our trip.

On Sunday, Ernie stayed home with Ella while the rest of us went to church. (it was right in the middle of Ella's nap time) After church, we went for a hike. We wanted to hike Hanging Lake, but so did every other person and we couldn't get in because there was no parking spots left. So we turned around and headed back to New Castle where we ended up hiking a trail near the house. We hiked the Elk Creek trail and you will have to look closely at some of the pictures because there has been SO much rain there that the "creek" has literally swelled to a "raging river" and caused a lot damage to the hiking paths. It was extremely hot, but we really enjoyed our hike and I look forward to hiking the whole thing one day.

What a great trip! We love you Grandpa, Grandma, and Uncle Erik. Thank you for showering us with love and good memories.

Zoo day!

My "gift" to Denver Christian this year was a trip to the zoo for two and lunch. A family in my class grabbed it up, set the date, and we were off. Ella came too, but I recruited my sister Amanda to come with to help me with Ella. It was a fun day for Ella. She enjoyed looking at the "moving" animals. The nonmoving animals she didn't even know were there. She enjoyed the fish and the monkeys the best. I never can get the order of pictures correct on here, but the pictures of the rain is what we had to drive home in. Look carefully to see all the street flooding. It was a scary drive home.