Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Oh the Joys of Winning

So today is a good day. Why? Because my Duke Blue Devils are on top once again. I love being a fan of a team that so many people despise because when we win it's so lovely to rub it in everyone nose. Now many of you will say, "Oh Ernie is such a poser and just likes Duke because they are good" false. I grew up a Duke fan because my father, who I love and respect tremendously, went to Medical School there. Then my brother decided to go to Duke and while he was there I was fortunate to go to a Duke game and sit with the Crazies!!! Once you have been to an environment like that of course you are a fan.

This culture and society just loves the story and loves to build teams and other people up, and then when they are up we love to tear them down. (Tiger woods, Any president, Duke, Yankees, and when Butler starts winning all the time them too) It is a fault of our society so I don't get mad when people bash my teams.

So Today is my day and nothing you say will bring me down. GO DUKE now and forever more!!!