Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

I missed Mother's Day last year by a couple of weeks. Some may argue that even though Ella was still in my belly that I was still a mother. I would have to, in some aspects, disagree. Yes, I had been caring for this little life for 9 months! Yes, I was nourishing her and helping her grow. AND Yes, I loved that little face and those tiny toes even though I was unable to kiss them. I was a mother, BUT nothing could ever compare to loving Ella now, outside the womb. I thought I knew what love was during those 9 months I carried her, but I had NO IDEA! Loving Ella is a pretty amazing thing. One that is unexplainable. She is happy, incredibly smart, and funny! She is a part of me and part of Ernie. God is pretty amazing and wonderful because he gave us the responsibility to look after her, guide her in His ways, and stand by and look on with pride! We are proud parents of this wonderful little girl. I am privileged to be called her Mama! Happy Mother's day to every Mom who has smart, happy, wonderful little kiddos and who love them more and more each day!