Thursday, August 6, 2009

Warming up the Kitchen

So Kim and I are back to our honey do's. We have been thinking about painting our rooms to warm up the house a little bit. First we started in the most important room in the house, The bedroom of course. Well we wanted to spruce up the main living area so we decided to paint the kitchen. Kim and I are definitely getting bold and we went with the color Sly Fox. Now because all of you are painting experts I will just remind you that it is a red with a hint of brown in it.
It took us all of 3 hours or so. Kim worked on her artistic ability by doing all the trim while I did the rolling. Good times. What a transformation. Now it's starting to feel like home.
Kim doing her work while having an agelic glow. HA HA

What a difference!

Our Dog Just sat on her bed the entire night.

The night ended with a beautiful sunset.

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daddybruce said...

Great colors for a great couple. Fun isn't it? We'll have to stop by to see what you did.