Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hall of Fame Saturday became Hall of Paint Saturday!

One step closer I keep thinking to myself. One step closer to being done with the nursery. Kim and I were going to hold off painting until next weekend and start a new Valentine's tradition of painting a room every year. (If you recall last V-day we painted our bedroom.. HEY OOOOO!- No but seriously we did paint the bedroom) BUT then I realized that next weekend I need to probably be a little more romantic so we decided to paint the nursery today....

Good times as I was able to get an extended rod for my roller and I will never paint the same again. God's Blessings are perfect and timely.. (Yea that's right I just said that one of God's blessings was an extenda rod roller... It's the little things that we miss).

Anyway Here is a Before Picture.

Here is the After. It looks subtle in the photos but it's actually really nice and comforting.

ONE SIDE NOTE: NO Kim did not do any painting as I didn't want our baby's beautiful brain to get high.
Kim was humbled to the couch along with her sister watching "keeping up with the kardashians!"
To be honest maybe I should have let her paint as I'm not sure what is worse for the baby's brain. The Kardashians or Toxic fumes!

Baby Bumpin

Well since our last blog Kim and I have been trying to figure out what we were going to talk about. Apparently we have a lot going on these days. Then it hit us. Jayne has a baby bump picture on her blog so why not show the progress of Kim and her growing experience.

(Does anyone find it funny that this is the only time in the world That I will be able to post pictures of my wife getting bigger?)

Ok so here is kim at 16 weeks.

3 weeks later at 19 weeks and the balloon has popped.

And Here is the Latest and greatest goodness. (24 weeks)

Can you tell our dog is very disinterested in the belly pictures? So there you go world. We are over half way there and loving it. Kim's doing ok... Ernie is starting to feel the pains too -Call them simpathy or heartburn... Baby is healthy and continues to grow. (Along with Kim's belly)