Monday, March 19, 2012

Daddy Dates

Ernie has women coming out of every nook and cranny in his life. There is always something girlie going on between me, Ella and our puppers Mylie. I know sometimes he wishes he had more manly things in his life. Ponytails, baby dolls, and pink are a little overwhelming sometimes. I think he would add a "hot head of emotions" to that list as well. Somebody is always crying or being moody between Ella, Mylie, and myself.

However, being stuck with all this estrogen is not always a bad thing. He can easily get away with watching any girlie show, whether that be Dora the Explorer or the Bachelor, without having his mancard taken away because he has three lovely ladies watching it with him. Also there is an endless supply of chocolate in the house and his laundry is always done. Not too shabby I might say.

I know Ernie loves his girls... he tells every day :) and we love him.

One thing Ernie is good at is loving our little Ella with all his heart. Both Ernie and Ella share a love language in common and that is quality time. AND boy do they love to spend time together. Ernie has taken Ella Jean on two Daddy/daughter dates. Now that Ella is getting older, it is so fun taking her places we know that she would really enjoy. Ella loves anything animal and so Ernie has chosen to take Ella to the Aquarium and to the Zoo on their outings.

Daddy/daughter dates implies no Mommy allowed and so I cannot tell you exactly what went on, but I can tell you both come home happy and extremely exhausted. Ella also has a Daddy fixation for the next couple of weeks too. I think if she had it her way she would do Daddy/daughter dates every day.

Enjoy the pictures. I know I do... they melt my heart knowing that I have a husband who loves my daughter with every ounce of who he is. This mommy and wife couldn't ask for ANYTHING more endearing and heartwarming.

The Aquarium:

The Zoo:

Thanks you Daddy for loving me so much that you take me out on really fun dates. You are teaching me many great things about how men should treat women because you are setting such a good example. Thank you for loving mommy and me so well. You are the greatest Daddy in the whole wide world. Next daddy/ daughter date I would like to go to the Children's Museum. I love you with all of my heart. Love, Ella Jean

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