Wednesday, December 21, 2011


We enjoyed a five day get away to Minnesota last weekend. My cousin Matthew was getting married and asked Ernie to be an usher in the wedding. Can you tell that Ernie makes friends easily? Matt and Ernie hit it off right from the start and have loved each others company ever since. Ernie got to usher people to their seats, but also got to walk my aunt and uncle down the isle. Makes me smile just thinking about the love and tradition that flows through my family. My grandparents are closing in our almost 60 years of marriage and that is where all that love comes from; 7 kids, 22 grandchildren, and 23 (and counting) great grandchildren. VERY thankful for the time we got to spend with everyone during this Christmas season. Congratulations Matt and Cayanne! We love you both very much and and pray that 60 plus years of marriage will follow for you!

The wedding

My Family (Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and second cousins)

On Sunday, we had a Christmas family gathering. We ate a lot of GREAT food and had a gift exchange. It was a wonderful time to get together and catch up with all of my family.

Ernie's ice fishing adventure

And finally, as we made our way back down to the cities we stopped by my dad's parents for lunch. It was a wonderful visit with my grandparents.

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