Tuesday, December 1, 2009

First Attempt at the Chevy Chase Award

So I would hardly say that I'm anything like Clark Grizwald, BUT Kim and I did decide that this is the year that we would decorate our house a little more than we usually do. Below you will find our 7 foot Christmas tree from the forest of Chambers and Parker (AKA Home Depot).

I know it's in a weird spot but I thought it was the same size as we got last year. Nope now that I recall we got a 6ft tree last year.

Here is my extravagant Light Show in the neighborhood. Good thing there is a park across the street other wise my neighbors wouldn't be able to sleep it's so bright.

What you can't see is the audio that is blasting from my Bose I-pod deck at the highest volume.
The song choice of course couldn't be more appropriate for the town of Aurora. "Breath of Heaven."


Sweet Home Colorado said...

Isn't it fun having lights? Don't you feel so grown up? :) Mark keeps coming up with more ways to add more lights...I've had to calm him down a bit- or else he will become Clark Grizwald!

daddybruce said...

Ernie: You know that the "G" in G. DaddyBruce Jansen stands for Griswald! I am the light man and I approve of your Aurora Borealas! Good job,and welcome to suburban heaven!